3. Shri Akkiramon Kalidasa Bhattathirippad

                Thanthri of several Temples, acknowledged exponent of tantric functions and procedures, president of Yoga Kshema Sabha.

                Current Head of Kuzhikkattillam, Shri Bhattathiripad is Thanthri of over 1000 temples. According to legend, Kuzhikkattilam is one of the 12 Bramin familes ordained by Loard parasurama with the authority of practicing manthras and Thanthras. Kuzhikkattillam was also known for its expertise in Vaidhyam and Jyothisham as well.

  • Shri Akkeeraman is also the chairman of Mookambika Engineering College.
  • Vice President of Tantradeepam, Aluva.
  • President of Yogakshema sabha, apex organization of Kerala Bramins.