We have identified few heritage projects for implementation.

Heritage school

We are in the process of taking over a school for developing it as a heritage school.For example, Dance forms help the children to develop movements and expressions.

Sustainable heritage Village

All the projects mentioned here would form part of sustainable Heritage Village being planned and developed with Aranmula temple as its focus point.

Heritage Museum

This will showcase several artefacts of heritage value. Besides items such as Aranmula Kannadi, Thiruvonathoni, Chundan Vallam, Oars, Decorations etc.

Heritage College and Institutes

Apart from academically oriented courses such as Degrees,PG degrees etc, The plan include professionally oriented courses such as X-Ray technician, Healthcare,Nursing, etc

Heritage Treatment Centres

We have an unusually rich method of heritage treatment in the form of Ayurveda.It’s our plan to set up a traditional ayurveda treatment centre.

Heritage Festival

Several of our traditional art forms are unknown to the new generation. Not many artists are coming forward to learn and practice several of our traditional art forms.

Weekly Magazine

It’s our plan to publish a weekly magazine to propagate nationalism, values, traditions lessons from history and our Vedic past.

Home for Elders

With the advent of nuclear families, the elders are forced to fend for themselves. According to available statistics, the life span also is increased.

Home For Destitute Women

We will provide shelter, protection and dignified life to women who are deprived of them. We will provide schemes to empower them.

Home For Destitute Children

There are several children abandoned by parents for various reasons. They will be adopted and provided a HOME with Love, Compassion

Projects being taken up in first phase are;
(a) Heritage School
(b) Heritage Museum
(c) Sustainable Heritage Village
Other schemes will be taken up in the Second phase.

Cost for first phase is estimated to be about Rs 10 Crores.

For successful implementation of the projects we need support in the form of men, materials and money. Support in any form will go a long way in protecting our Heritage for future generation.


We have incorporated a charitable trust and registered it with the government authorities. Application is submitted to government of India, income tax department for approvals to receive donations. Necessary application will be submitted to the state and central government for various approvals as are required..